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CBD Oil And Lyme Disease

Nothing is more frustrating and torturing than staying in the same acute pain for years despite trying a number of herbs and pharmaceuticals, you get hell tired and irritability surrounds you. Then the chapter of life having painful sleepless nights, anxiety, depression and high fever becomes the part of your life that you just wanna end. That’s what Lyme disease does to us, right?
If you are suffering from Lyme disease or have experienced it before, then you must know how painful the whole process is. Those muscle spasms, severe pain in the whole body, and weakness penetrate your days and nights and you are in desperate need of some miracle to happen that blows all those discomforts far far away putting your life back on the track leading to a normal,healthy life and bringing your active, healthy and enthusiastic self back.

Connection Between CBD Oil And Lyme Disease:

Out of all other treatments, I found CBD oil the most effective one. Whenever someone talks about CBD oil and Lyme disease, the conversation never goes in a negative direction. There is always cure, hope, and positivity that CBD brings with itself. As we have done a survey to understand the power of CBD oil as the treatment of Lyme disease and did a question-answer session with the people who have gone through all this process and then landed on CBD treatment in the last. The majority answered in favor of CBD oil and the stories related to CBD oil and Lyme disease, how they found CBD and how it changed their lives are just inspiring.

Did You Know What exactly Cannabidiol (CBD) is?

CBD ( cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from a hemp plant or in simple words it is known as the close cousin of the Marijuana plant. This plant is rich in useful chemical compounds and more than 110 compounds are being extracted from the same hemp plant ( Cannabis Sativa), and it is often mistaken for its resemblance with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is also found in the same Cannabis plant famous for its psychoactive nature that get you high, causing intoxications but also help in relieving pains, inflammation or depression but in a slightly different way.
CBD works in a very different way, it doesn’t bring intoxications and works in a very safe and secure way. Yes! It’s right that it does affect your brain but never lets you get out of control and lose your sensations and that’s the attribute of CBD oil which makes it more interesting and useful.

Endocannabinoid System :

Our body has an endocannabinoid system consist of endocannabinoids that are endogenous neurotransmitters based on lipids and acts on endocannabinoid receptors that are spreading throughout the body including both the central and peripheral nervous system.
The Endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating metabolism, emotions, immune responses, communication between the cells, memory, and so on.

Types Of Endocannabinoid Receptors:

There are two endocannabinoid receptors named CB1 and CB2 receptors that have got their reach throughout the body, they are connected to each part of the body and supervising its functions every time as CB1 has its hands-on:

● Short term memory
● Our thinking
● Appetite
● Immune cells
● Communication between cells as for motor coordination
● Pain sensations and much more

CB2 endocannabinoid receptor has its reach to several areas including:

● Skeletal muscles
● Gut
● Pancreas
● Immune system
● Liver
● Heart
● Eyes
● Bones
● Adipose tissues and nearly in every area of the body

What Exactly Lyme Disease Is?

Lyme disease is basically a vector-borne disease in which the tick is mostly used as a vector that is caused by a bacterium named Borrelia burgdorferi or Borrelia mayonii in rare amounts transmitted via the bite of infected ticks having black legs. The most common symptoms of Lyme disease are:

● High fever
● Acute pain in the body and joints
● Muscle spasms
● Fatigue
● Chills
● Rashes
Those skin rashes have got their name as erythema migrants.

Treatment Of Lyme Disease:

Lyme disease takes a little longer to get treated properly. It is basically treated with oral antibiotics that continues for 4-5 weeks, but the feelings of irritability, time to time pains, foggy mind, and fever goes on and if you leave Lyme disease untreated, then the pain can get more severe, and penetrate into the joints, and can spread infections into the heart and brain also. The overuse of antibiotics often bring more side effects along with the cure, so most people also have developed a fear of getting their organs damaged as strong effects of drugs, so for those people who are looking for a natural remedy to get them out of this horror story in which Lyme disease is playing the role of a powerful villain, CBD oil is just made for them, that is a pure organic chemical compound with a very mild or no side effects, gaining popularity day by day and people are heading towards CBD clinic and have started preferring the use of CBD for nearly every ailment.
In order to stay safe from Lyme disease, you must take basic precautionary measures such as:

● Make use of insect repellant as your habit
● Use of pesticides around your house and yard
● Try to remove ticks quickly
● Check out your bed sheets before going to sleep
● Have a strict eye on the clothes before wearing

CBD Oil And Lyme Disease:

CBD has its stupendous effects on people suffering from acute symptoms. The benefits related to CBD are as following:

Antibacterial Effect of CBD oil:

CBD oil holds antibacterial properties that help to alleviate both minor and major effects of infections treating nausea, irritability, foggy brain, restlessness, and severe headache. It strengthens the weakened immune system of Lyme patients, treats epileptic seizures, reduces the pain that was mainly caused by peripheral neuropathy that is basically a type of condition with damaged and impaired nerves that were responsible to transmit messages to or from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

CBD Oil And Improved Sleep Cycle:

CBD oil understands the situation that you must be going through burning and aching sleepless nights while having severe chills with the need of putting antibiotics every time you feel pain, CBD oil solves this problem by enhancing the release of serotonin that is a hormone managing our eating habits and sleep cycles giving you a sense of tranquility so that you can have a peaceful sleep whole night without feeling the need of applying ointment again and again.
There are several benefits related to CBD and researchers are still under progress in CBD clinic to come up with more and more incredible hidden advantages of CBD oils.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-depressing roles of CBD Oil:

CBD oil and Lyme disease always have a strong battle between them and CBD has never learned to lose. As Lyme enzymes cause swellings giving you a sense of anxiety, depression, nausea, and never-ending irritation, CBD oil reduces inflammations to a large extent, so that you wouldn’t feel any troubles in falling, also they are super antidepressants that will blow all of your anxiety away giving you a calm and peaceful effect, set all the fog in the brain away, bringing back your ability to think properly and concentration level, that was lost somewhere in fighting with a tick’s bite.

Is CBD legal or not?

As it was extracted from the same plant as THC, people might get the wrong idea related to CBD being an intoxicant and psychoactive but it clearly has proved it wrong. In some countries, CBD is verified as a legal treatment with only 0.3% THC in it to make it sure as a safe remedy for people. The rules are different everywhere according to their law and there are countries that still didn’t verify it as the legal cure.


If you want to have a safe, quick, and natural remedy without the fear of getting side effects, no matter its anxiety, neuropathic pains, distress, anxiety or much more, CBD oil has a solution for every discomfort no matter how challenging it has been to fight through certain disease, CBD oil has always got your back.

Why Is It Necessary To Consult A Physician:

You can get a bulk of information online about CBD oil and Lyme disease, its benefits and side effects, everything is up on the internet, but still, there are doubts that remain uncleared, questions that remain unanswered, and without a professional prescription of a healthcare specialist in your hand, you don’t feel contented.

While regularly visiting CBD clinic, and consulting a doctor, will help you in taking the proper dosage, CBD interactions with other medications, and much more that you can’t learn online solely.


There are several CBD centers that are dealing with fake or low-quality CBD products and there is huge confusion about where to purchase, who to consult, keeping in mind all of your requirements, I am suggesting you cbdtherapymd, which is a perfect trustworthy place to get quality CBD products and the best consultation experience ever.

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